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Striving to be the Mom I want to be, or die TRYING!! And while i am at it, Make dinner, Start laundry, Exercise more, Pray, Potty train Mister Man, Clean the kitchen, Bake cookies, Jello Shots + Zuhmba, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Read a book for fun, Shave my hairy legs, Throw a tantrum, Prevent a tantrum, Save Little Miss from Mister Man, Find Mr. Potato heads other ear, Save my strawberry plant, Grocery shopping, Clean out my car, Find my keys...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"I'm Pregnant!

Something I have said silently to myself over and over, for the past three months. Never too loud, as if saying it too loud might jinx it. It was something that was far from planned. Though it is hard to consider having unprotected sex, on a day you could be ovulating, unplanned.

And yet the word on the digital stick, floored me. PREGNANT. I was pregnant.

This would be the fifth time I had read that word, or saw two lines. With my first one, I didn’t know any better. I thought Pregnant today, meant pregnant tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, until some 36 weeks later I had my beautiful baby girl.

Of course that wasn’t the case with pregnancy number 2. I enjoyed being pregnant for a month, and then it was over. Except “over” actually took another 4 weeks. As if my body was in self-denial. A D&C was the last resort in convincing my uterus that it actually WASN’T.

I wanted another child, but I was terrified. So I tried to ignore the possibility of becoming pregnant. Luckily, ignorance is not a good form of birth control and became pregnant with my son. Despite a few scares, I had stayed pregnant, and my body, with God’s careful handy work, gave birth to another perfect baby.

When I found out a year later I was pregnant again, I was in disbelief. Two words to describe our practice of birth control: Careful and Consistent. On top of that, I was still breastfeeding my chunky monkey, and breastfeeding him a lot. But somehow I was pregnant again, which seemed like a miracle. Excitement turned to fear very quickly. Although my OBGYN assured me that everything was going to be fine, I lost my “miracle” baby at the end of the first trimester. I was bitter, and angry, but trusted that there was some bigger picture. I never blamed God. I believe that God is merciful, and also that death isn’t an end all. But I was bitter.

Fast forward three years, and there I was starring at the word again. PREGNANT.

I spent the first few weeks simply waiting for it all to end. Expecting disaster with ever twinge, or cramp. I refused to talk about things like gender, or names, or the nursery. And yet with ever wake up, every wave of nausea, every discomfort, or glance at my growing abdomen, I softly repeated to myself the word that had appeared weeks prior, “Pregnant”. I have been thankful for every day that I could still say that to myself. Not knowing if this would be the case tomorrow or the next day. But today, I’m Pregnant.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oldies ARE Goodies!

Every Christmas, or Birthday, I'm always shocked at the evolution of toys. Blinky lights, moving parts, motion activated noises, stuffed animals that actually respond to what a child says or does. Some of those things are pretty darn incredible. And then of course, the majority of the toys have gone in a very opposite direction. My daughter will point out something she likes, and I (trying to control my eye-roll that Little Miss has started picking up) can't help but be annoyed by having to spend a small fortune, on a cheap plastic toy, that wont make it a month in our house!

A few months ago Nannie (my mom) dug through my brothers and my old toys and hit the jackpot! Our Vintage Fisher Price Little People house, Castle, Sesame Street Club house, School, Boat, a Playskool McDonalds, and a little Church. Christmas came early for my kiddos!!

One problem, The Little People, were MIA! So I quickly jumped (Lol,I don't jump, and I certainly don't do it quickly) into action. I found that most craft stores sell plain, undecorated little wooden people, of different sizes and shapes. I was so excited to get started on making these.

Once I painted these bad boys, I used Mod Podge to seal the deal. In hindsight, I wish I would have used a spay clear coat, because the Mod Podge made them kind of tacky. But, that didn't effect their cuteness! I even made a Mister Man and Little Miss, along with a Witch, Bride, Groom, and various other people, including one that looks just like our Nannie (according to Mister Man).

Little Miss is the one with the glasses and pink dress, Mister Man is the one in the Super Man shirt

Don't they look so at home!
Nannie looking out the Castle Window!

Checking out the Clubhouse Amenities :-)

I seriously love these old toys, and I love that they have lasted two generations of Little People :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Have You Thanked a Teacher Today??

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day!

My plans were to make a customized clip board for Little Miss' first grade teacher. Believe it or not, Wal-mart did not have any brown clip boards (first time The Mart let me down). I was totally bummed! And, The Dollar store (which of course, I checked first) was also out. Really, who is buying up all the clip boards???

So at 8 pm, in the middle of the office supplies aisle, (after a mini-melt down)I decided to decorate a tote and stuff it with teacher goodies. I was feeling pretty lame, because last year we kind of gave the same thing to Little Miss' Kinder teacher (a snack bag, also full of teacher goodies). But, I was short on time and creative energy, so I went with it (it is the thought right?!).

Now in the spirit of learning, I give you crafty-math:

One Boring Tote
+ Fun Ribbon

+ Iron-on Letters


But add an adorable bow on the strap....

And that equals CUTEST!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Let the Valen-Times Festivities begin!

Little Miss adores Valentines Day (or as she calls it Valen-times Day). She has been preparing for this year V-day since January, when she and Mister Man spent a morning making these:

I love these cute heart doilies (love the fact the Dollar store has them every year!)

So I knew we had to make an effort to celebrate the big V this year.

First we made and decorated Cupcakes
(Little Miss couldn't be bothered for a close up. She decorated and devoured:-)

We also made these Yummy drinks!
Cherry 7Up + Sherbet = Pink Bubbly (Ok, it was more orange, but Orange Bubbly doesn't sound as festive)
P.S. If you ever want to feel better about giving your kids soda, Cherry 7Up has the word "Antioxidant" on it. Which I am sure means it is good for them, LOL!!!

To top off the evening we made and decorated Sugar Cookies. I was pretty proud of myself because I made these delicious treats from scratch, and they were egg-free for Mister Man!

The kiddos got very artistic with them. They went from your standard pink and red heart cookies, to creative combinations of sprinkles and frosting. The kids gave each masterpiece a name, such as "sunset", "rain- cloud", and "morning" .

Valen-times Perfection!

Happy Valen-Times Day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baking, of the Non-Edible Kind!

It is a good feeling, knowing there is no possible way, you can screw up, whatever it is, you are baking (phew, that was a lot of commas!). Of course, I am not too familiar with this feeling. I have managed to screw up BOXED Macaroni and cheese, and instant rice (which takes talent if you ask me!). But I finally found a recipe I couldn't screw up, for the simple reason that it would never be eaten!

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments!!

These were so fun and so easy to make. I used this recipe: from Kaboose . The kids loved decorating these cute ornaments.

Mister Man was much more interested in mixing colors into an oh-so beautiful brown Hue. Really, primary colors are so overrated!

Little Miss was all about the Glitter and details!

And Even Daddy got in on the ornament action, by creating a NY Giant Ornament

Don't they look delicious!
(according to my hubby, the dough is really not so much)

This craft will be a Christmas Season Tradition from this year forward. The kids loved hanging them on the tree, giving them as gifts, and using them to decorate presents!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Never underestimate the power of the cookie cutter!

The not eating fast food thing is going good so far. Although I must admit,I have not been able to stop grabbing my coffee on my way to Little Miss's school in the morning. Thanks to a deep freezer issue that left me with six bags of chicken to cook up quick,I now have quite a few meals frozen and ready to go.

Today I found one of the most useful tools for getting my kiddos to eat healthy food. Yep, hence the title of this post, the cookie cutter. Mister Man has never been too keen about eating anything that didn't come out of the microwave. Today for lunch he ate apple slices and turkey for lunch. And all it took was cutting it into heart shapes!!

For the past hour I have been brainstorming what other foods I could cut into fun shapes. Who knew cookie cutters could be used for more than play-dough?!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It Is Time!!!

I am not one of those health obsessed Mommies, not by a long shot. Anyone who really knows me, knows this!! I have not purchased anything organic, unless it was by accident. Not because I don’t approve of organic, mostly because I just don’t want to spend the extra dollar-fifty.

I recently watched the documentary Supersize me, it not only disgusted me, it inspired me. My family eats far too much fast food. Mostly McD's. And if I am too cheap to purchase Organic Banana’s for my kiddos, than there is something really wrong with spending $25.00 dollars on Crap-in-a-Bag.

Not that I do not adore the stuff. Heck, I am the one who walked nearly a mile in search of the golden arches, while we were on our vaca in Los Cabos. I love fast food! But I am an adult, if I want to make a poor choice that is my own business. My kids however (as brainwashed as they are by the play yard, and surprise toy), don’t know any better!

So here is the challenge. Thirty days of home cooked meals. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but it MUST be made in our home. Now, I am okay with a dinner out on special occasions (we have some birthdays coming up), but if we are home, we eat at home!!

Succeed or Starve, Go Home or Go Hungry!!!